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Publication . 2020

Získání dat z hlubokých horizontů dolu Rožná - závěrečná zpráva

Bukovská, Z.; Švagera, O.; Chabr, T.; Leichmann, J.; Sosna, K.; Souček, K. (Kamil); Vavro, M. (Martin); +41 Authors
Restricted   Czech  
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Publisher: SÚRAO
Country: Czech Republic
Final Report of the Project „Data Acquisition from the Deep Horizons of the Rožná Mine“ presents the results of the study of rock mass properties with respect to the presence of a significant tectonic zone. The study focused on the change of properties in the vicinity of the so-called first zone of the Rožná deposit, but also on the change of these properties with a depth of 12–24. floor of the former mine, 550-1200 m below the surface. Realized works included geological, petrographic, geochemical description of the rock environment, geophysical work (esp. seismics), study of physico-mechanical properties of rocks, transport experiments and deposit revalidation of the Rožná deposit. All work was carried out for the purpose of describing the studied zone and its manifestation with an emphasis on ensuring the safety of the potential location of the deep geological repository.

deep horizons, Rožná mine, fault, migmatitised volcano-sedimentary complex, diffusion, sorption, radionuclides

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