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Research data . Dataset . 2018

Annotated Corpus for Occitan

Bras, Myriam; Esher, Louise; Sibille, Jean; Vergez-Couret, Marianne;
Open Access
Occitan (post 1500); Proven├žal
Published: 22 Jun 2018
Publisher: Zenodo
This corpus contains a collection of texts in Occitan which were manually annotated with parts-of-speech, lemmas. The corpus was produced in the context of the RESTAURE project, funded by the French ANR. The current version of the corpus contains 28 documents and 12,425 tokens. The annotation process is detailed in the following article: The annotated versions are provided in a TSV CoNLL-U format.

Occitan, Corpus, Linguistics, Part Of Speech, Natural Language Processing, Lemma, FOS: Languages and literature

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