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  • Community health and medical provision: impact on neonates (the CHAMPION trial)

    Article English OPEN
    Boone, Peter; Mann, Vera; Eble, Alexander; Mendiratta, Tarana; Mukherjee, Rohini; Figueiredo, Ryan; Jayanty, Chitra; Frost, Chris; Padmanabh, M Reddy; Elbourne, Diana; (2007)
    <p>Abstract</p> <p>Background</p> <p>The trial aims to evaluate whether neonatal mortality can be reduced through systemic changes to the provision and promotion of healthcare. Neonatal mortality rates in India are high compared to other low income countries, and there ...
  • Análisis termodinámicos de rellenos de agregados de sal en galerías excavadas en rocas salinas

    Bachelor thesis Spanish; Castilian OPEN
    Hidalgo Olea, Abraham; (2007)
    La energía nuclear es una de las fuentes de energía más importante debido a su gran producción energética, a pesar de eso, actualmente ya se está empezando a implementar alternativas que la sustituyan en el futuro. En el proceso de obtención de energía se generan ...
  • Experimental investigation of intracavity Bragg gratings

    Article English OPEN
    Menez , Ludivine; Zaquine , Isabelle; Maruani , Alain; Frey , Robert; (2002)
    International audience; We report the results of an experimental investigation of the diffractive properties of a thick index grating embedded in a Fabry-Perot resonator, the so-called intracavity Bragg grating. We compare the performance of this device with that of a b...
  • Chen Inequalities for Warped Product Pointwise Bi-Slant Submanifolds of Complex Space Forms and Its Applications

    Other literature type, Article English OPEN
    Ali, Akram; Alkhaldi, Ali H.; (2019)
    In this paper, by using new-concept pointwise bi-slant immersions, we derive a fundamental inequality theorem for the squared norm of the mean curvature via isometric warped-product pointwise bi-slant immersions into complex space forms, involving the constant holomorph...
  • Debilidades en la aplicación de las políticas públicas de cobertura para la educación superior del Chocó

    Master thesis Spanish; Castilian OPEN
    Moreno Lozano, Nancy Andrea; (2014)
    Los sectores más pobres se enfrentan a una oferta educativa limitada, lo que impide que una gran población termine su educación media y que como consecuencia lo excluye de la educación superior -- La culminación de los estudios secundarios no es una garantía para poder ...
  • Thin Multifunctional Dielectric Layers for Surface Passivation and Masking Against Wet Chemistry and Dopant Diffusion

    Master thesis English OPEN
    Suresh, Priyamvadha; (2012)
    In order to achieve cost competitiveness for energy production, the solar PV technology is dynamically shifting towards thinner wafers. Due to this cost driven reduction of solar wafer thickness, there is more influence of surface recombination in limiting the overall s...
  • miR-134: A Human Cancer Suppressor?

    Article English OPEN
    Pan, Jing-Yu; Zhang, Feng; Sun, Cheng-Cao; Li, Shu-Jun; Li, Guang; Gong, Feng-Yun; Bo, Tao; He, Jing; Hua, Rui-Xi; Hu, Wei-Dong; Yuan, Zhan-Peng; Wang, Xin; He, Qi-Qiang; Li, De-Jia; (2016)
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNAs approximately 20–25 nt in length, which play crucial roles through directly binding to corresponding 3′ UTR of targeted mRNAs. It has been reported that miRNAs are involved in numerous of diseases, including cancers. Recently,...
  • Optimizarea exergoeconomica a sistemelor de trigenerare a energiei

    Doctoral thesis Romanian OPEN
    Tirca-Dragomirescu , Georgiana; (2012)
    In the actual energetic and economic context, energy polygeneration represents the answer regarding the efficient use of a fuel. This solution would diminish the losses associated to the classical methods of energy production and, as a result, would increase the install...
  • Faster, Cheaper, Better – a Hybridization Methodology to Develop Linear Algebra Software for GPUs

    Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Agullo , Emmanuel; Augonnet , Cédric; Dongarra , Jack; Ltaief , Hatem; Namyst , Raymond; Thibault , Samuel; Tomov , Stanimire; (2010)
    In this chapter, we present a hybridization methodology for the development of linear algebra software for GPUs. The methodology is successfully used in MAGMA – a new generation of linear algebra libraries, similar in functionality to LAPACK, but extended for hybrid, GP...
  • Mgm101: A double-duty Rad52-like protein

    Article English OPEN
    Rendeková, Jana; Ward, Thomas A.; Šimoničová, Lucia; Thomas, Peter H.; Nosek, Jozef; Tomáška, Ľubomír; McHugh, Peter J.; Chovanec, Miroslav; (2016)
    ABSTRACT Mgm101 has well-characterized activity for the repair and replication of the mitochondrial genome. Recent work has demonstrated a further role for Mgm101 in nuclear DNA metabolism, contributing to an S-phase specific DNA interstrand cross-link repair pathway th...
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26,092,205 publications, page 2 of 2,609,221
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