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  • Article, Preprint English OPEN
    Ackermann M; Ajello M; Asano K; Atwood WB; Axelsson M; Baldini L; Ballet J; Barbiellini G; Baring MG; Bastieri D; Bechtol K; Bellazzini R; Bissaldi E; Bonamente E; Bregeon J; ...
    Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science16205
    The observations of the exceptionally bright gamma-ray burst (GRB) 130427A by the Large Area Telescope aboard the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope provide constraints on the nature of such unique astrophysical sources. GRB 130427A had the largest fluence, highest-energy ...
  • Article English OPEN
    Li, Huashan; Cao, Fei; Wang, Xianlong; Ma, Weibin;
    Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
    Since air temperature records are readily available around the world, the models based on air temperature for estimating solar radiation have been widely accepted. In this paper, a new model based on Hargreaves and Samani (HS) method for estimating monthly average daily...
  • Article English OPEN
    Mollerup, Filip; Master, Emma;
    Publisher: Elsevier
    Herein, we report the extracellular expression of carbohydrate active fusion enzymes in Pichia pastoris. Particularly, CBM29-1-2 from Piromyces equi was separately fused to the N- and C-terminus of galactose 6-oxidase (GaO, D-galactose: oxygen 6-oxidoreductase, EC 1.1.1...
  • Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
    Albiol Ferrer, Josep Maria; Giralt de Veciana, Enrique; Novel Martí, Virginia; Padrós Sánchez, Carolina;
    Publisher: Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Podólogos
    Con las siguientes pautas pretendemos dar una pequeña orientación sobre los tratamientos que consideramos más Convenientes a seguir en cada caso, ofreciendo al mismo tiempo varias alternativas de tipo farmacológico coadyugante a nuestra acción. En todos los casos facili...
  • Report, Preprint English OPEN
    Javier Santillán; Marc Bayle; Christian Thygesen;
    Publisher: Frankfurt a. M.: European Central Bank (ECB)
    The paper provides an analysis of the euro area money and bond markets and their infrastructure since the introduction of the euro. Significant development in terms of integration took place in both markets in general to a various degree for the different segments. Howe...
  • Article, Other literature type OPEN
    Markovic, Vladimir;
    Publisher: Duke University Press
    In this paper we study biholomorphic maps between Teichmüller spaces and the induced linear isometries between the corresponding tangent spaces. The first main result in this paper is the following classification theorem. If $M$ and $N$ are two Riemann surfaces that are...
  • Part of book or chapter of book French OPEN
    Desage , Fabien; Sallée , Nicolas;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    International audience; Depuis une vingtaine d’années, dans de nombreux pays occidentaux, certaines des fractions les plus « désaffiliées » de la jeunesse tendent àprendre le visage, dans les médias dominants comme dans l’espace politique, de nouvelles « classes dangere...
  • Article French OPEN
    Jordan , Bertrand;
    Publisher: EDP Sciences
    International audience
  • Article English OPEN
    Brosselard, Pierre; Planson, Dominique; Scharnholz, Sigo; Raynaud, Christophe; Zorngiebel, V.; Lazar, Mihai; Chante, Jean-Pierre; Spahn, E.;
    Publisher: Elsevier
    International audience; Thyristors able to block 4 kV have been fabricated and characterised. The experimental forward current is 1.3 A @ V-AK = 10 V for a 9 mA gate current during 550 ns. The device active area is 2.3 mm(2). The devices and their edge terminations have...
  • Article, Preprint English OPEN
    Hutchinson, Joanna; Jones, Nick G;
    We discuss certain quadratic models of spinless fermions on a 1D lattice, and their corresponding spin chains. These were studied by Keating and Mezzadri in the context of their relation to the Haar measures of the classical compact groups. We show how these models corr...
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31,165,174 publications, page 1 of 3,116,518
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