matplotlib: v1.4.3

Droettboom, Michael; Hunter, John; Firing, Eric; Caswell, Thomas A; Elson, Phil; Dale, Darren; Jae-Joon Lee; McDougall, Damon; Root, Benjamin; Straw, Andrew; Seppänen, Jouni K.; Nielsen, Jens Hedegaard; May, Ryan; Varoquaux; Yu, Tony S; Moad, Charlie; Gohlke, Christoph; Würtz, Peter; Hisch, Thomas; Silvester, Steven; Ivanov, Paul; Whitaker, Jeff; Cimarron; Hobson, Paul; Giuca, Matt; Thomas, Ian; Mmetz-Bn; Evans, James; Dhyams; NNemec;

<p>This is the last planned bug-fix release in the 1.4 series.</p> <p>Many bugs are fixed including:</p> <ul> <li>fixing drawing of edge-only markers in AGG</li> <li>fix run-away memory usage when using %inline or saving with a tight bounding box with Qu... View more
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