Exploratory analysis for spatio-temporal epidemiological data WEB app (spatial)

Varewyck, Machteld; Verbeke, Tobias; Cortinas Abrahantes, Jose;
  • Publisher: Figshare
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.889551
  • Subject: Bayesian hierarchical model | zenodo | Lattice data | Uncategorized | Risk factor analysis | Spatial analysis | Generalized additive model
    • url: http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C6492 | http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C17847 | http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C10152 | http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C4525 | http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C6918 | http://browser.agrisemantics.org/gacs/en/page/C17667

<p>This online application implements statistical methods to analyse spatio-temporal data considering lattice data to describe the space. It allows the user to create the data for analysis based on spatial files (shape files zipped), which could contain potential inform... View more
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