Ffc: The Fenics Form Compiler

Anders Logg; Martin Sandve Alnæs; Marie E. Rognes; Andrew T. T. McRae; Garth N. Wells; Johannes Ring; Lawrence Mitchell; Johan Hake; Miklós Homolya; Florian Rathgeber; Fabio Luporini; Graham Markall; Aslak Bergersen; Lizao Li; David A. Ham; Kent-Andre Mardal; Jan Blechta; Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea; Tuomas Airaksinen; Nico Schlömer; Hans Petter Langtangen; Ola Skavhaug; Colin J Cotter; Thomas Hisch; mliertzer; Andy R. Terrel; Joachim B Haga;

<p>Version of Firedrake used in 'High level implementation of geometric multigrid solvers for finite element problems: applications in atmospheric modelling'</p> <p>This release is specifically created to document the version of Firedrake used in a particular set... View more
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