SasView version 4.0

Doucet, Mathieu; Cho, Jae Hie; Alina, Gervaise; King, Stephen; Butler, Paul; Kienzle, Paul; Krzywon, Jeff; Jackson, Andrew; Richter, Tobias; Gonzales, Miguel; Nielsen, Torben; Ferraz Leal, Ricardo; Markvardsen, Anders; Heenan, Richard; Juhas, Pavol; Bakker, Jurrian; Rozyczko, Piotr; Potrzebowski, Wojciech; O'driscoll, Lewis; Campbell, Kieran; Washington, Adam;

<p>The main purpose of this major version release is a significant restructuring of the way models work to address one of the biggest issues identified by the community: the difficulty of adding complex custom models. With this release all models are essentially treated... View more
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