pvlib/pvlib-python: v0.6.0-alpha

Will Holmgren; Calama-Consulting; Tony Lorenzo; Uwe Krien; bmu; Mark Mikofski; Cliff Hansen; DaCoEx; konstant_t; mayudong; Ed Miller; Heliolytics; Anton Driesse; jforbess; Leland Boeman; Marc A. Anoma; pyElena21; Volker Beutner; MLEEFS; Johannes Dollinger; Cedric Leroy; Tony Yu Cao; Liz Theurer; Jonathan Gaffiot; Johannes Oos; Giuseppe Peronato; Cameron Stark; Birgit Schachler; Alan Mathew; Alaina Kafkes;

<p>This release contains most, but not all, of the features that will be released in 0.6.0. It reflects the status of pvlib python when its Journal of Open Source Software paper was accepted. See <a href="https://github.com/openjournals/joss-reviews/issues/884">https://... View more
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