Pecan: Pecan 1.4.5 : Preles + Cruncep

David LeBauer; Rob Kooper; Michael Dietze; Betsy Cowdery; Alexey Shiklomanov; ryankelly-uiuc; Anthony Gardella; jam2767; Afshin Pourmokhtarian; Ann Raiho; Shawn P. Serbin; hardimanb; Ankur Desai; Eugene; James Simkins; TonyCohen; Christy Rollinson; zhangwenx; Viskari; istfer; jingxia; andrewshirk; Kenton McHenry; Michael Marshall; rykelly; Jeremy Kemball; efblack2; Deepak Jaiswal; Ben Bond-Lamberty; gbromley;

<p><strong>This release requires an update to the config file in PEcAn web interface. Without this change the web interface will not work. See config.php changes.</strong></p> <p>Following are the major new features of this release. Besides these new features many b... View more
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