Rognes, Marie E.; Farrell, Patrick E.; Funke, Simon W.; Hake, Johan E.;
  • Publisher: Figshare
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.801552
  • Subject: Biotechnology | Physiology | Plant Biology | dolfin-adjoint | Ecology | finite element method | computational cardiac electrophysiology | FEniCS | partial differential equations | Biophysics
    • FOR: 80699 Information Systems not elsewhere classified | 59999 Environmental Sciences not elsewhere classified | 69999 Biological Sciences not elsewhere classified | 19999 Mathematical Sciences not elsewhere classified | 39999 Chemical Sciences not elsewhere classified

<p>cbcbeat is a collection of Python-based solvers for cardiac electrophysiology models. cbcbeat offers basic and optimized solvers for the bidomain and monodomain equations coupled with cardiac cell models. cbcbeat is based on the FEniCS Project and dolfin-adjoint.<br>... View more
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