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ancklo/ChaosMagPy: ChaosMagPy v0.9

Clemens Kloss;
Open Access

This is a new version of ChaosMagPy which can be used together with the latest CHAOS model release (CHAOS-7.2). Below is a copy of the changelog. Version 0.3 Date: April 20, 2020 Release: v0.3 Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.2 (0702) News The version identifier of the CHAOS model using x, which stands for an extension of the model, has been replaced in favor of a simple version numbering. For example, CHAOS-6.x9 is the 9th extension of the CHAOS-6 series. But starting with the release of the CHAOS-7 series, the format CHAOS-7.1 has been adopted to indicate the first release of the series, CHAOS-7.2 the second release (formerly the first extension) and so on. Features Updated RC-index file to RC_1997-2020_Feb_v4.dat. Removed version keyword of chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS to avoid confusion. Added verbose keyword to the call method of chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS class to avoid printing messages. Added chaosmagpy.data_utils.timestamp function to convert modified Julian date to NumPy's datetime format. Added more examples to the chaosmagpy.chaos.CHAOS methods. Added optional nmin and mmax to chaosmagpy.model_utils.design_gauss and chaosmagpy.model_utils.synth_values (nmin has been redefined). Added optional derivative to :func:chaosmagpy.model_utils.colloc_matrix of the B-Spline collocation. New implementation does not have the missing endpoint problem. Added satellite keyword to change default satellite names when loading CHAOS mat-file.

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