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Research software . Software . 2022

immunomind/immunarch: Immunarch 0.6.9

Samokhina, Maria; Popov, Aleksandr; Ivan-Immunomind; Nazarov, Vadim I.; Immunarch.Bot; Rumynskiy, Eugene; Gracecodeadventures; +2 Authors
Open Access

BCR pipeline now requires less columns in the input data: only nucleotide sequences of FR1-4 and CDR1-3 regions are needed Bugfixes and performance improvements in BCR pipeline Removed arguments .align_j_gene from repGermline() and .verbose_output from repAlignLineage() that are not needed anymore seqDist() and seqCluster() now support auto-trimming of extra information from gene columns for proper cluster naming New .trim_genes argument for seqDist() that allows to disable auto-trimming (useful if used columns are not ones with genes) Improved clustering in seqCluster() Removed some false warning that appeared on vis() calls

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Software . 2022
Providers: ZENODO