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Research software . Software . 2016

eemR: eemR 0.1.4

Philippe Massicotte;
Open Access
Published: 29 Aug 2016
Publisher: Zenodo
eem_extract() is now more intuitive to use. remove argument has been replace by keep. If TRUE, the specified samples will be returned. If FALSE, they will be removed (#37). eem_cut() now removes specified wavelenghts instead of keeping them. eem_cut() gains an argument fill_with_na. If TRUE fluorescence at specified wavelengths will be replaced with NA instead of being removed. File structure is now kept when performing inner-filter effect correction (#35). Now using viridis space colors for plotting EEMs instead of color jet. eem_remove_scattering() no longer tolower absorbance names and will assume that the provided absorbance spectra match exactly EEM's names. Fixing a bug that prevented the interactive plot to work properly. summary(x) and print(x) now return a data frame containing summarized information on EEMs contained in x. See ?summary.eemlist. eem_raman_normalisation() and eem_remove_blank() will average blank EEMs if more than one are provided or found in the folder (#23). eem_raman_normalisation(), eem_remove_blank() and eem_inner_filter_effect() will now verify if the correction has been already performed. If so, an unmodified EEM will be returned. eem_raman_normalisation() now interpolates blank EEM to ensure that em at 350 and excitation between 371 and 428 exist (#31). eem_remove_blank() and eem_raman_normalisation() will now keep blank samples when automatic correction is used. When automatic correction is used, the untransformed blank sample will be keep in the list. An error will now occur if trying to perform blank correction after Raman normalization.

fluorescence, dom, PARAFAC, EEM

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