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pyproj4/pyproj: 2.3.0 Release

Alan D. Snow; Jeff Whitaker; Micah Cochran; Joris Van den Bossche; Chris Mayo; Jos de Kloe; Charles Karney; +23 Authors
Open Access  
Changes Minimum supported Python version 3.6 (issue #499) Minimum PROJ version 7.2 (issues #599 & #689) WHL: Removed datumgrids from wheels because not needed with RFC 4 (pull #628) ENH: Added PROJ Network Settings (#675, #691, #695) ENH: Added ability to use global context (issue #661) ENH: Added transformation grid sync API/CLI (issue #572) ENH: Support obects with __array__ method (pandas.Series, xarray.DataArray, dask.array.Array) (issue #573) ENH: Added pyproj.datadir.get_user_data_dir() (pull #636) ENH: Added pyproj.transformer.Transformer.is_network_enabled (issue #629) ENH: Added pyproj.transformer.TransformerGroup.download_grids() (pull #643) ENH: Use 'proj_get_units_from_database' in pyproj.database.get_units_map() & cleanup pyproj.database.get_codes() (issue #619) ENH: Added support for radians for Proj & Transformer.from_pipeline & use less gil (issue #612) ENH: Datum.from_name default to check all datum types (issue #606) ENH: Use from_user_input in __eq__ when comparing CRS sub-classes (i.e. PrimeMeridian, Datum, Ellipsoid, etc.) (issue #606) ENH: Add support for coordinate systems with CRS using CF conventions (issue #536) ENH: Use proj_is_equivalent_to_with_ctx in the place of proj_is_equivalent_to internally (issue #666) BUG: Add support for identifying engineering/parametric/temporal datums (issue #670) ENH: Add support for temporal CRS CF coordinate system (issue #672) ENH: Added support for debugging internal PROJ (pull #696) ENH: Added pathlib support for data directory methods (pull #702) ENH: Added pyproj.database.query_crs_info() (pull #703) ENH: Added pyproj.database.query_utm_crs_info() (pull #712) REF: Refactor Proj to inherit from Transformer (issue #624) REF: Added pyproj.database, pyproj.aoi, and pyproj.list modules (pull #703) BUG: Fix handling of polygon holes when calculating area in Geod (pull #686) Acknowledgements Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! The detailed bug reports are definitely appreciated. Additionally, thanks to those who help with the distribution! A total of 8 people contributed patches to this release. People with a "+" by their names contributed a patch for the first time. Bas Couwenberg David Haberthür + Filipe Fernandes + Marcos Modenesi + Mike Taves + Poruri Sai Rahul + jacob-indigo + Alan D. Snow Other contributions: Bas Couwenberg - testing the builds with Debian Christoph Gohlke - testing the Windows wheel builds Joris Van den Bossche - testing with geopandas and PR reviews Libor Pecháček - for preventing another post1 release with a catch
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