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Research software . Software . 2021

matplotlib/matplotlib: REL: v3.5.0

Thomas A Caswell; Michael Droettboom; Antony Lee; Elliott Sales de Andrade; Tim Hoffmann; John Hunter; Jody Klymak; +23 Authors
Open Access  
Published: 16 Nov 2021
Publisher: Zenodo
Highlights of this release include: Figure and Axes creation / management subplot_mosaic supports simple Axes sharing Figure now has draw_without_rendering method Figure __init__ passes keyword arguments through to set Plotting methods Add Annulus patch set_data method for FancyArrow patch New arrow styles in ArrowStyle and ConnectionPatch Setting collection offset transform after initialization Colors and colormaps Colormap registry (experimental) Image interpolation now possible at RGBA stage imshow supports half-float arrays A callback registry has been added to Normalize objects Titles, ticks, and labels Settings tick positions and labels simultaneously in set_ticks Fonts and Text Triple and quadruple dot mathtext accents Font properties of legend title are configurable Text and TextBox parse_math option Text can be positioned inside TextBox widget Simplified font setting for usetex mode Type 42 subsetting is now enabled for PDF/PS backends rcParams improvements Allow setting default legend labelcolor globally 3D Axes improvements Axes3D now allows manual control of draw order Allow changing the vertical axis in 3D plots plot_surface supports masked arrays and NaNs 3D plotting methods support data keyword argument Interactive tool improvements Colorbars now have pan and zoom functionality Updated appearance of Slider widgets Selector additions of clearing, dragging, and removal CallbackRegistry objects gain a method to temporarily block signals Directional sizing cursors Sphinx extensions More configuration of mathmpl sphinx extension Backend-specific improvements New GTK4 backend New Qt6 backend HiDPI support in Cairo-based, GTK, and Tk backends Qt figure options editor improvements WX backends support mouse navigation buttons WebAgg uses asyncio instead of Tornado
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Software . 2021
Providers: ZENODO