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Research software . Software . 2020

mladenjovanovic/shorts: Shorts v1.0.0

Mladen Jovanović;
Open Access  
Renamed time_delay to time_correction in shorts::model_using_instant_velocity and shorts::mixed_model_using_instant_velocity functions to be more consistend across functions. Also, this correction is added to time, so use negative numbers instead time_correction in shorts::mixed_model_using_instant_velocity and shorts::mixed_model_using_split_times is now numeric vector, not column name Implemented time_correction in shorts::model_using_split_times and shorts::mixed_model_using_split_times Implemented time_correction in shorts:predict_ family of functions Implemented distance_correction in shorts:predict_ family of functions Implemented estimation of time_correction in shorts::model_using_split_times_with_time_correction and shorts::mixed_model_using_split_times_with_time_correction Implemented estimation of distance_correction in shorts::model_using_split_times_with_corrections and shorts::mixed_model_using_split_times_with_corrections Fixed error in calculating PMAX in shorts::mixed_model_ functions Removed maxAbsErr from model_fit elemet Wrote "sprint-corrections" vignette explaining the idea behind sprint time and distance corrections Implemented find_ family of functions for finding max power and critical distance when velocity or acceleration reaches certain threshold Implemented ... to all modeling functions so that extra parameters can be forwarded to the optimization engine Data split_times recreated using distance shift behind the first timing gate. Needed to demo mixed models with corrections Renamed _model_using_instant_velocity to _model_using_radar Renamed _model_using_split_times_ to _model_using_splits_
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Software . 2020
Providers: ZENODO