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Research software . Software . 2019

Scikit-GStat 0.2.6: A scipy flavored geostatistical analysis toolbox written in Python.

Mirko Mälicke; Helge David Schneider;
Open Access  
Published: 07 Nov 2019
Publisher: Zenodo
SciKit-Gstat is a scipy-styled analysis module for geostatistics. It includes two base classes Variogram and OrdinaryKriging. Additionally, various variogram classes inheriting from Variogram are available for solving directional or space-time related tasks. The module makes use of a rich selection of semi-variance estimators and variogram model functions while being extensible at the same time. Note that there are no unit tests for Kriging so far, and they are not documented. Kriging got some new keywords in this version and there are some strategies to increase performance or gain better results. The main bottleneck for performance is not handled yet (on purpose). The Variogram.compiled_model function is deprecated and was replaced by the much faster Variogram.fitted_model.

geostatistics, Python

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