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Simulation Software For "Cognition-Mediated Evolution Of Low-Quality Floral Nectars"

Nachev, Vladislav; Stich, Kai Petra; Winter, Clemens; Bond, Alan; Kamil, Alan; Winter, York;
Open Source
  • Published: 20 Nov 2016
  • Publisher: Zenodo
The folder "VBA_macros" contains Visual Basic for Applications macros for running selection algorithms on "Selection..." files (with data from full experimental runs of nectar-feeding bats visiting a number of artificial flowers, uploaded at xxxx). The Macros have to be started from within MS Excel (>=2007). The folder "ExploitationSim" contains a C# project for running simulations of virtual bats visiting a population of virtual flowers, according to the same selection algorithms implemented in "SelectionMacro.xlsm". In order to run the program a suitable compiler (e.g. MS Visual Studio) and Open XML SDK >= 2.0 (
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