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Publication . 2021

Low Concentration of Putative Anti-Auxin and Anti-Fungal Agent Accelerates the PLB Organogenesis of Dendrobium okinawense Under Green LED

Mehbub, Hasan; Shimasaki, Kazuhiko; Mehraj, Hasan;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jul 2021
Publisher: Preprints
Dendrobium okinawense is an endangered epiphytic orchid, and there has been no scientific report so far on its propagation. Protocorm is mass of cell, and protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) look alike protocorm produced by vegetative explants in vitro. Regeneration of PLBs is the most efficient technique for the orchids micro-propagation. We used different light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the efficient PLB organogenesis of D. okinawense. PLBs regenartion under green and red LED surpassed respectively 81.1% and 71.6% in numbers, and respectively 80.8% and 57.8% in fresh weight over white fluorescent light. We manipulated the culture media by different concentrations of PCIB and HMI. PLBs organogenesis promoted by low concentration, it increased respectively 35.9% and 19.3% over control by 0.01 mg/L PCIB and 0.01 ml/L HMI in numbers. Green LED and PCIB independently produced mostly similar numbers of new PLBs. Interestingly, culture media with 0.01 mg/L of PCIB further increased 8.5% of the numbers of PLBs under green LED, whereas the culture media with 0.01 mg/L HMI reduced the number of PLBs under green LED. PLBs culture under green LED with very low concentrations of PCIB manipulated culture media can significantly increase their organogenesis of D. okinawense.