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  • Published: 15 Jan 2016
<div><p>In land plants comparative genomics has revealed that members of basal lineages share a common set of transcription factors with the derived flowering plants, despite sharing few homologous structures. The plant hormone auxin has been implicated in many facets of development in both basal and derived lineages of land plants. We functionally characterized the auxin transcriptional response machinery in the liverwort <i>Marchantia polymorpha</i>, a member of the basal lineage of extant land plants. All components known from flowering plant systems are present in <i>M</i>. <i>polymorpha</i>, but they exist as single orthologs: a single <i>MpTOPLESS</i> (<i>...
Medical Subject Headings: food and beveragesfungi
free text keywords: Biological Sciences, tpl, polymorpha life cycle, acid, basal lineages share, AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR, flowering plant systems, transcription factors, liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, transcriptional regulation acts, MpTRANSPORT INHIBITOR RESPONSE 1 auxin receptor, plant hormone auxin, Simple Auxin Transcriptional Response System Regulates Multiple Morphogenetic Processes, auxin transcriptional response machinery, land plants, totipotent cell states, MpARF, arf
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