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Other research product . 2013

Descrição de recursos imagéticos digitais: apresentação de um modelo conceitual

Simionato, Ana Carolina; Amorim da Costa Santos, Plácida L. V.;
Open Access
Published: 16 Nov 2013

Techniques of image capture have advanced along with the technologies of information and communication and unthinkable numbers of information available and imagery are stored in digital environments. The objective of this study is point out difficulties found in the construction of imagetic representations of digital resources using the instruments available for the treatment of descriptive information. The results we have the mapping of descriptive elements to digital images derived from analyzing of the schemes to guide the construction of descriptive records (AACR2R, ISBD, Graphic Materials, RDA, CDWA, CCO) and the conceptual model FRBRer. The result of this analysis conducted the conceptual model, Functional Requirements for Digital Imagetic Data – RFDID to the development of more efficient ways to represent the use of imagery in order to make it available, accessible and recoverable from the data persistence descriptive, flexibility, consistency and integrity as essential requirements for the representation of the digital image. Keywords: Digital image; Functional Requirements for Digital Imagetic Data - RFDID; functional requirements; conceptual modeling, information and technology.


IA. Cataloging, bibliographic control., IE. Data and metadata structures., IK. Design, development, implementation and maintenance

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