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Publication . Conference object . 2011

Explicit Semantics for Enriched Documents. What do ISOcat, RELcat and SCHEMAcat have to offer?

Schuurman, Ineke; Windhouwer, Menzo;
Open Access
Published: 01 Nov 2011
Country: Belgium
Most documents researched in the human and social sciences will be enriched one way or another, at least with metadata. Sometimes documents are also enriched with one or more types of annotation. Often the notions used can be interpreted in several ways , which raises the question: “What is meant in a particular case?” ISOcat is a ISO 12620:2009 compliant registry in which such notions, in the context of this registry called data categories, are described in a concise way. Some data category descriptions will be standardized, meaning that their use is promoted. In general the descriptions are meant to be useful for as many users as possible; on the other hand specific uses might require very specific readings of a notion. This might lead to the creation of multiple data categories which are semantically close. As relationships between data categories are not part of the data model provided by ISO 12620:2009, because they could restrict data categories too much to a specific context which would hamper their reuse, a companion registry named RELcat is under construction. This registry will allow users to store and share their view on the relationships between data categories and possibly concepts from other sources. Finally a schema registry named SCHEMAcat is created which allows the reuse of schemas annotated with ISOcat data categories and typed relations in RELcat. The flexible semantic network thus created can be used to help users of enriched documents, and actually any other type of linguistic resource, to interpret the linguistic notions and to find semantically close and thus possibly interesting resources. This paper illustrates the semantic network with examples taken from the CGN PoS tagset for Dutch. ispartof: Proceedings of Supporting Digital Humanities (SDH 2011) (online) ispartof: Supporting Digital Humanities location:Copenhagen date:17 Nov - 18 Nov 2011 status: published

ISOcat, Relations Registry, CLARIN research infrastructure, CGN

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Conference object . 2011
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