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Publication . Article . 2013

A Systemic Approach to the Preservation of Audio Documents: Methodology and Software Tools

Federica Bressan; Sergio Canazza;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2013 Journal: Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (issn: 2090-0147, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation

This paper presents a methodology for the preservation of audio documents, the operational protocol that acts as the methodology, and an original open source software system that supports and automatizes several tasks along the process. The methodology is presented in the light of the ethical debate that has been challenging the international archival community for the last thirty years. The operational protocol reflects the methodological principles adopted by the authors, and its effectiveness is based on the results obtained in recent research projects involving some of the finest audio archives in Europe. Some recommendations are given for the rerecording process, aimed at minimizing the information loss and at quantifying the unintentional alterations introduced by the technical equipment. Finally, the paper introduces an original software system that guides and supports the preservation staff along the process, reducing the processing timing, automatizing tasks, minimizing errors, and using information hiding strategies to ease the cognitive load. Currently the software system is in use in several international archives.

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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Process (engineering) Cognitive load Software system Multimedia computer.software_genre computer Software business.industry business Software engineering Systemic approach Computer science Information hiding Ethical debate Protocol (object-oriented programming)


Article Subject, Computer engineering. Computer hardware, TK7885-7895, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, General Computer Science, Signal Processing

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