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Genome-Wide Identification of a Regulatory Mutation in BMP15 Controlling Prolificacy in Sheep

Louise Chantepie; Loys Bodin; Julien Sarry; Florent Woloszyn; Florence Plisson-Petit; Julien Ruesche; Laurence Drouilhet; Stéphane Fabre;
Open Access
  • Published: 19 Jun 2020 Journal: Frontiers in Genetics, volume 11 (eissn: 1664-8021, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
  • Country: France
AbstractThe search for the genetic determinism of prolificacy variability in sheep has evidenced several major mutations in genes playing a crucial role in the control of ovulation rate. In the Noire du Velay (NV) sheep population, a recent genetic study has evidenced the segregation of such a mutation named FecLL. However, based on litter size (LS) records of FecLL non-carrier ewes, the segregation of a second prolificacy major mutation was suspected in this population. In order to identify this mutation, we have combined case/control genome-wide association study with ovine 50k SNP chip genotyping, whole genome sequencing and functional analyses. A new single ...
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