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Publication . Article . 2020

A LOFAR census of non-recycled pulsars: extending to frequencies below 80 MHz

Anna V. Bilous; L. Bondonneau; V. I. Kondratiev; J.-M. Grießmeier; Gilles Theureau; Jason W. T. Hessels; Michael Kramer; +5 Authors
Open Access

International audience; We present the results from the low-frequency (40–78 MHz) extension of the first pulsar census of non-recycled pulsars carried out with the LOw-Frequency ARray (LOFAR). We used the low-band antennas of the LOFAR core stations to observe 87 pulsars out of 158 that had been previously detected using high-band antennas. We present flux densities and flux-calibrated profiles for the 43 pulsars we detected. Of this sample, 17 have not, to our knowledge, previously been detected at such low frequencies. Here we recalculate the spectral indices using the new low-frequency flux density measurements from the LOFAR census and discuss the prospects of studying pulsars at very low frequencies using current and upcoming facilities, such as the New Extension in Nançay Upgrading LOFAR (NenuFAR).Key words: pulsars: general⋆ The profiles are also available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

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