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Publication . Preprint . 2019

Patterns in Pythagorean Triples Using Single and Double Variable Procedures

Inder J. Taneja;
Open Access  
Published: 19 Jan 2019
Publisher: Zenodo
The Pythagoras theorem is very famous in the literature of mathematics. The aim of this work is to extend in a symmetrical way the some Pythagorean triples resulting in patterns. These symmetric extensions are in such a way that we reach to good patterns. In some cases, the final sums also give a good pattern. In some cases examples are with interesting pandigital palindromic-type patterns. The patterns are obtained based on five procedures for single variable functions, and four for double variable functions. This work is a combination of authors previous two works.

Pythagorean triples, Pandigital patterns, Palindromic-type patterns.