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Optimizing the basis of B → K * ℓ + ℓ − observables in the full kinematic range

Sébastien Descotes-Genon; Tobias Hurth; Joaquim Matias; Javier Virto;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 May 2013
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
We discuss the observables for the B → K *(→ Kπ)l + l − decay, focusing on both CP-averaged and CP-violating observables at large and low hadronic recoil with special emphasis on their low sensitivity to form-factor uncertainties. We identify an optimal basis of observables that balances theoretical and experimental advantages, which will guide the New Physics searches in the short term. We discuss some advantages of the observables in the basis, and in particular their improved sensitivity to New Physics compared to other observables. We present predictions within the Standard Model for the observables of interest, integrated over the appropriate bins including...
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free text keywords: [PHYS.HPHE]Physics [physics]/High Energy Physics - Phenomenology [hep-ph], Nuclear and High Energy Physics, CP violation, Hadron, Kinematics, Observable, Lepton, Recoil, Physics, Particle physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Standard Model

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