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Publication . Other literature type . Conference object . 2021

CLARIAH-DE Work Package 3: Skills Training and Promotion of Junior Researchers

Annisius, Marie; Bock, Sina; Gradl, Tobias; Schopf, Juliane; Stegmeier, Jörn; Werthmann, Antonina;
Open Access   English  
Published: 03 Mar 2021
Publisher: Zenodo
This poster summarizes the results of the CLARIAH-DE Work Package 3: Skills Training and Promotion of Junior Researchers. For a research field that is characterised by rapid technical development, CLARIAH-DE has to include the promotion of data literacy necessary for the efficient use of this digital research infrastructure as part of its objective. To develop, consolidate and refine a common programme in this area, work package 3 set itself the following sub goals: Consolidation of the activities from the previous projects into a joint service Cataloguing and reflecting on the methods and tools used in the research field, with the aim of identifying remaining gaps Skills training of, individual support for and the promotion of junior researchers
Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Funding Reference Number 01UG1910 A to I.

CLARIAH-DE, CLARIAH, Vollversammlung, General Assembly, Research Infrastructure, Skills Training, Promotion of Junior Researchers

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Other literature type . 2021
Providers: ZENODO