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Publication . Article . 2014

Comparison between Bilateral C2 Pedicle Screwing and Unilateral C2 Pedicle Screwing, Combined with Contralateral C2 Laminar Screwing, for Atlantoaxial Posterior Fixation

Naohisa Miyakoshi; Michio Hongo; Takashi Kobayashi; Tetsuya Suzuki; Eiji Abe; Yoichi Shimada;
Open Access
Published: 01 Dec 2014 Journal: Asian Spine Journal, volume 8, issue 6, pages 777-785 (issn: 1976-1902, eissn: 1976-7846, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Korean Spine Society
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study. PURPOSE To compare clinical and radiological outcomes between bilateral C2 pedicle screwing (C2PS) and unilateral C2PS, combined with contralateral C2 laminar screwing (LS), for posterior atlantoaxial fixation. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE Posterior fixation with C1 lateral mass screwing (C1LMS) and C2PS (C1LMS-C2PS method) is an accepted procedure for rigid atlantoaxial stabilization. However, conventional bilateral C2PS is not always allowed in this method due to anatomical variations of C2 pedicles and/or asymmetry of the vertebral artery. Although unilateral C2PS plus contralateral LS (C2PS+LS) is an alternative in such cases, the efficacy of this procedure has not been evaluated in controlled studies (i.e., with bilateral C2PS as a control). METHODS Clinical and radiological records of patients who underwent the C1LMS-C2PS method, using unilateral C2PS+LS (n=9), and those treated using conventional bilateral C2PS (n=10) were compared, with a minimum two years follow-up. RESULTS Postoperative complications related to the unilateral C2PS+LS technique included one case of spontaneous spinous process fracture of C2. A C1 anterior arch fracture occurred after a fall in one patient, who underwent bilateral C2PS and C1 laminectomy. No significant differences were seen between the groups in reduction of neck pain after surgery or improvement of neurological status, as evaluated using the Japanese Orthopaedic Association score. A delayed union occurred in one patient each of the groups, with the final fusion rate being 100% in both groups. CONCLUSIONS Clinical and radiological outcomes of unilateral C2PS+LS were comparable with those of the bilateral C2PS fixation technique for the C1LMS-C2PS method.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Fixation (surgical) Retrospective cohort study Posterior fixation Vertebral artery medicine.artery medicine business.industry business Surgery medicine.medical_specialty Neck pain medicine.symptom Atlantoaxial instability Radiological weapon Laminectomy medicine.medical_treatment


Cervical spine, Atlantoaxial instability, Laminar screw, Pedicle screw, Clinical Study, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Surgery

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