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Publication . Article . 2013

Evolution and homologous recombination of the hemagglutinin–esterase gene sequences from porcine torovirus

Yingying Cong; Dante S. Zarlenga; Juergen A. Richt; Xin Wang; Yang Wang; Siqingaowa Suo; Jingfei Wang; +2 Authors
Open Access  
Published: 01 Jun 2013 Journal: Virus Genes, volume 47, pages 66-74 (issn: 0920-8569, eissn: 1572-994X, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
The objective of the present study was to gain new insights into the evolution, homologous recombination, and selection pressures imposed on the porcine torovirus (PToV), by examining the changes in the hemagglutinin–esterase (HE) gene. The most recent common ancestor of PToV was estimated to have emerged 62 years ago based upon HE gene sequence data obtained from PToV isolates originating from Spain, South Korea, Netherlands, Hungary, and Italy and using the HE gene of Bovine torovirus isolates Niigata1 (AB661456) and Niigata3 (AB661458) as outgroups. The HE gene sequence data segregated all the PToV isolates into two well-supported monophyletic groups; however, various isolates from Spain, Italy, and South Korea did not segregate geographically suggesting very recent translocation of the viruses to these localities. Evidence of recombination was observed between two South Korean isolates that partitioned into two distinct subclades. Data further suggest that most of the nucleotides in the HE gene are under negative selection; however, changes within codon 237 showed an evidence of positive selection. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article (doi:10.1007/s11262-013-0926-y) contains supplementary material, which is available to authorized users.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Recombination Hemagglutinin esterase Homologous recombination Biology Monophyly Gene Porcine torovirus Most recent common ancestor Genetics Negative selection


Virology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, General Medicine, Article, Porcine torovirus, Evolution, Homologous recombination, Selection pressure

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