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Genome-Wide Characterization of Selection Signatures and Runs of Homozygosity in Ugandan Goat Breeds

Robert B. Onzima; Robert B. Onzima; Maulik R. Upadhyay; Maulik R. Upadhyay; Harmen P. Doekes; Luiz. F. Brito; Mirte Bosse; Egbert Kanis; Martien A. M. Groenen; Richard P. M. A. Crooijmans;
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  • Published: 01 Aug 2018
  • Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
  • Country: Netherlands
Both natural and artificial selection are among the main driving forces shaping genetic variation across the genome of livestock species. Selection typically leaves signatures in the genome, which are often characterized by high genetic differentiation across breeds and/or a strong reduction in genetic diversity in regions associated with traits under intense selection pressure. In this study, we evaluated selection signatures and genomic inbreeding coefficients, FROH, based on runs of homozygosity (ROH), in six Ugandan goat breeds: Boer (n = 13), and the indigenous breeds Karamojong (n = 15), Kigezi (n = 29), Mubende (n = 29), Small East African (n = 29), and S...
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free text keywords: Genetics(clinical), Genetics, Molecular Medicine, Original Research, Capra hircus, homozygosity, adaptation, genomic inbreeding, genetic diversity, selective sweeps, candidate genes, Single-nucleotide polymorphism, Genetic variation, Fixation index, Capra hircus, Genetic diversity, Runs of Homozygosity, Evolutionary biology, Breed, Inbreeding, Biology, lcsh:Genetics, lcsh:QH426-470
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