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Publication . Project deliverable . Other literature type . 2020

D10.2 - Interactions Needs and Goals of Nano Safety Projects and Programs

Alfaro, Beatriz; Falk, Andreas; Exner, Thomas; Papadiamantis, Anastasios; Lynch, Iseult;
Open Access
Published: 09 Jan 2020
Publisher: Zenodo
The Horizon 2020 (H2020) project NanoCommons is establishing a long-term infrastructure to benefit nanotechnology and nanosafety research. This means that the data, tools and services integrated and/or developed during the project’s duration will remain live and usable beyond its lifetime. This has been a substantial issue for European Union (EU) projects to date, the data from which remains, in many cases, disparate and poorly accessible, and as such is essentially lost with no re-use potential. To address these issues, NanoCommons, is actively working towards gaining value from and adding value to EU, National and International nanotechnology and nanosafety projects, by enhancing the openness and FAIRness (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Re-usability) of their data. NanoCommons will provide value through the integration of data, tools and services that will be used to meet the needs of, and add value to, the different stakeholder groups, which were presented in detail in deliverable D1.2 – Dissemination Strategy. At the same time, NanoCommons will add value to the outputs of partners, participating projects and other stakeholders through the enrichment of the data and tools integrated within the NanoCommons KnowledgeBase. Such enrichment may refer, in the case of scientific data, to enabling relevant data harvesting and combination with data from publicly available resources. This can lead to more robust analysis, result refinement, the uncovering of hidden patterns, or in the case of modelling the refinement and calibration of the produced models. For the tools and services offered through NanoCommons, the added value will translate into their further development through the use of varied types of data and the experience gained from use in different nanoscience fields and the feedback received from users.

H2020, NanoCommons, Needs and goals, Nanosafety programs

Funded by
EC| NanoCommons
The European Nanotechnology Community Informatics Platform: Bridging data and disciplinary gaps for industry and regulators (NanoCommons)
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 731032
  • Funding stream: H2020 | RIA
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