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Research data . Film . 2020

Ethnic Classification

Bulag, Uradyn E.; Burunsain, Borjigin; Dorjraa;
Published: 21 Feb 2020
Publisher: Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Documentation Project, University of Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom

According to the discussion conducted by Dashdawa Mongol representatives in the video, they have always been officially recognised as Mongol since the Qing period till today. During the Cultural Revolution, however, under pressure, many Mongols changed their nationality registration to Han Nationality. Kou Zixin is one of the people who changed their nationality register, but he wants to change it back to Mongolian. He says it is a complicated process requiring a lot of certification. Wang Yanhong, however, successfully restored his nationality to Mongolian, which now appears on his ID card.

Sponsored by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin


Dashdawa Mongol, nationality, Ethnic Classification, Chengde, Dashdawa Mongol, nationality, Ethnic Classification, Chengde

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