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Publication . Article . 2011

Dendrimer-Doxorubicin conjugate for enhanced therapeutic effects for cancer

Sudeshna Chandra; Sascha Dietrich; Heinrich Lang; Dhirendra Bahadur;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2011 Journal: IndraStra Global (issn: 2381-3652, Copyright policy )

An oligo(ethylene glycol)-grafted amidoamine dendrimer was synthesized and characterized by FTIR, MS, (1)H and (13)C NMR. The dendritic scaffold was evaluated for its potential to load doxorubicin and its release, thereafter. The interaction between drug and the dendrimer was reviewed by zeta potential, HPLC, NMR and FTIR spectroscopy. The drug encapsulation efficiency was as high as 52%. The temperature stimulated release characteristics of the DOX loaded dendrimers were studied in PBS and SBF at 37 degrees C (physiological temperature) and 43 degrees C (hyperthermic temperature). A biphasic suspension of the dendrimer-drug conjugate and a magnetic fluid entitles release of the drug under AC magnetic field which can simultaneously be used for hyperthermia treatment of cancer. The efficacy of dendrimer-DOX conjugate was evaluated in vitro against cancer cell lines and the IC(50) was estimated.

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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Organic chemistry Dendrimer Conjugate Carbon-13 NMR Doxorubicin medicine.drug medicine Magnetic hyperthermia Materials science Hyperthermia therapy medicine.medical_treatment Nuclear chemistry Targeted drug delivery Ethylene glycol chemistry.chemical_compound chemistry


Targeted Drug-Delivery, Host-Guest Chemistry, Magnetic Hyperthermia, In-Vitro, Acid, Biocompatibility, Cytotoxicity, Toxicity, Polymers, Release, Materials Chemistry, General Chemistry