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Research data . Film . 2020

Dashdawa Mongols celebrating the 256th anniversary of their settlement in Chengde at the Anyuan Monastery

Bulag, Uradyn E.; Burunsain, Borjigin; Dorjraa;
Published: 21 Feb 2020
Publisher: Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Documentation Project, University of Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom

This video shows the Dashdawa Mongols and Oirat scholars getting together at the Anyuan Monastery celebrating their eastward migration 256 years earlier. The monastery was built for their ancestors in 1764. As shown, apart from members of the five main Dashdawa Mongol surname groups, Du, Zhao, Xu, Kou and Bai, there were also Ööld Mongols from Xinjiang attending the ceremony.

Sponsored by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin


Oirat, Dashdawa Mongols, Anyuan Monastery, ceremony, Oirat, Dashdawa Mongols, Anyuan Monastery, ceremony

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