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Research data . Dataset . 2018

A multi-modal 3D medical image database for ultrasound-guided spinal surgery

Masoumi, Nima; Belasso, Clyde; Xiao, Yiming; Rivaz, Hassan;
Open Access
Published: 21 Dec 2018
Publisher: Zenodo
Three different datasets of vertebrae with corresponding computed tomography (CT) and ultrasound (US) images are presented. In the first dataset, three human patients lumbar vertebrae are presented and the US images are simulated from their CT images. The second dataset includes corresponding CT, US, and simulated US images of a phantom made from post-mortem canine cervical and thoracic vertebrae. The last phantom consists of the CT, US, and simulated US images of a phantom made from a post-mortem lamb lumbar vertebrae. For each of the two latter datasets, we also provide 15 landmark pairs of matching structures between the CT and US images and performed fiducial registration to acquire a silver standard for assessing image registration. The datasets can be used to test CT-US image registration techniques and to validate techniques that simulate US from CT.
Subjects by Vocabulary

Medical Subject Headings: musculoskeletal diseases

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