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C2P: Co-operative Caching in Distributed Storage Systems

Shripad Nadgowda; Ravella C. Sreenivas; Sanchit Gupta; Neha Gupta; Akshat Verma;
Closed Access
Published: 01 Jan 2014
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Distributed storage systems (e.g. clustered filesystems - HDFS, GPFS and Object Stores - Openstack swift ) often partition sequential data across storage systems for performance ( data striping) or protection (Erasure-Coding) . This partitioning leads to logically correlated data being stored on different physical storage devices, which operate autonomously. This un-coordinated operation may lead to inefficient caching, where different devices may cache segments that belong to different working sets. From an application perspective, caching is effective only if all segments needed by it at a given point in time are cached and a single missing segment may lead to high application latency. In this work, we present C2P: a middleware for co-operative caching in distributed storage. C2P uses an event-based architecture to co-ordinate caching across the storage devices and ensures that all devices cache correlated segments. We have implemented C2P as a caching middleware for hosted Openstack Swift Object Store. Our experiments show 4-6% improved cache hit and 3-5% reduced disk IO with minimal resource overheads.
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Part of book or chapter of book . 2014
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