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Publication . Article . Preprint . 1997

Phenomenology of quarkonia production in fixed target experiments and at the Tevatron and HERA colliders

Cacciari, Matteo;
Open Access
Published: 16 Jun 1997

The phenomenology of heavy quarkonia production in fixed target experiments and at the Tevatron and HERA colliders is reviewed. The latest theoretical results are presented and compared with data, with emphasis on the predictions of the factorization approach by Bodwin, Braaten and Lepage.

10 pages, LaTeX2e, 7 plots included. To appear, in a slightly shortened form, in the Proceedings of the XXXII Rencontres de Moriond

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arXiv: High Energy Physics::Phenomenology High Energy Physics::Experiment High Energy Physics::Lattice Nuclear Experiment Physics::Accelerator Physics


High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (hep-ph), FOS: Physical sciences

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