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Publication . Other literature type . Article . Conference object . 2016

Study of lever-arm effect using embedded photogrammetry and on-board gps receiver on uav for metrological mapping purpose and proposal of a free ground measurements calibration procedure,

M. Daakir; Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny; Pierre Bosser; F. Pichard; Christian Thom; Y. Rabot;
Open Access
Nowadays, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on-board photogrammetry knows a significant growth due to the democratization of using drones in the civilian sector. Also, due to changes in regulations laws governing the rules of inclusion of a UAV in the airspace which become suitable for the development of professional activities. Fields of application of photogrammetry are diverse, for instance: architecture, geology, archaeology, mapping, industrial metrology, etc. Our research concerns the latter area. <i>Vinci-Construction- Terrassement</i> is a private company specialized in public earthworks that uses UAVs for metrology applications. This article deals with maximum accuracy one can achieve with a coupled camera and GPS receiver system for direct-georeferencing of Digital Surface Models (DSMs) without relying on Ground Control Points (GCPs) measurements. This article focuses specially on the lever-arm calibration part. This proposed calibration method is based on two steps: a first step involves the proper calibration for each sensor, i.e. to determine the position of the optical center of the camera and the GPS antenna phase center in a local coordinate system relative to the sensor. A second step concerns a 3<i>d</i> modeling of the UAV with embedded sensors through a photogrammetric acquisition. Processing this acquisition allows to determine the value of the lever-arm offset without using GCPs.
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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Phase center Geology Metrology Global Positioning System business.industry business Earthworks Real-time computing Photogrammetry Coordinate system Computer vision 3D modeling Offset (computer science) Artificial intelligence

Library of Congress Subject Headings: lcsh:Technology lcsh:T lcsh:Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) lcsh:TA1-2040 lcsh:Applied optics. Photonics lcsh:TA1501-1820


[SPI.SIGNAL]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Signal and Image processing

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