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Intonation and the perceptual separation of simultaneous voices

J.P.L. Brokx; S.G. Nooteboom;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 1982
  • Country: Netherlands
Introduetion The present paper examines the role of speech pitch in the perceptual separation of simultaneous speech messages, when both messages are spoken by the same speaker and there are no differences in directional hearing. In a first experiment, employing resynthesized speech with completely monotonous pitch, it is shown that intelligibility of the target message can be manipulated by introducing an artificial constant difference in pitch between target speech and interlering speech. Within certain limits intelligibility increases with increasing difference in pitch. In a second experiment natura! speech is em· ployed for both target and interfering messa...
free text keywords: Speech and Hearing, Linguistics and Language, Language and Linguistics
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