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Publication . Article . 2017

Cyril Aslanov, "André Chouraqui and His Algerian Roots," Pe‘amim. Studies in Oriental Jewries, 146-147 (2016): pp. 227-240 [in Hebrew].

Aslanov, Cyril;
Published: 12 Feb 2017
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Country: France
International audience; This paper tries to reconsider André Chouraqui's special link with his Algerian roots. Unlike many Algerian Jews who took a stand in favor of the idea of French Algeria, Chouraqui expressed his sympathy to the Algerian national struggle against the French colonizator. Even his emigration to Israel in 1957 could be interpreted as an attempt to overcome the face-à-face that opposed Algerian independentists and partisans of the inclusion of Algeria to France. Moreover, many aspects of Chouraqui's activism in the frame of Alliance Israélite Universelle and as a responsible for the integration of Oriental Jews in Israel in the sixties can be reinterpreted as part of a typically Jewish Algerian role as a mediator between East and West (as the function of turjeman "translator" in pre-colonial or early-colonial Algeria).

Pied-noir ethnicity, Algerian Jewry, Algerian War, Alliance Israélite Universelle, turjaman/translator, French language as a tool of universalization, Israel, [SHS.LANGUE]Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics, [SHS.CLASS]Humanities and Social Sciences/Classical studies