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Kinesin Moves by an Asymmetric Hand-Over-Hand Mechanism

Adrian Fehr; Charles L. Asbury; Steven M. Block;
Open Access English
  • Published: 19 Dec 2003
Kinesin is a double-headed motor protein that moves along microtubules in 8-nanometer steps. Two broad classes of model have been invoked to explain kinesin movement: hand-over-hand and inchworm. In hand-over-hand models, the heads exchange leading and trailing roles with every step, whereas no such exchange is postulated for inchworm models, where one head always leads. By measuring the stepwise motion of individual enzymes, we find that some kinesin molecules exhibit a marked alternation in the dwell times between sequential steps, causing these motors to “limp” along the microtubule. Limping implies that kinesin molecules strictly alternate between two differ...
free text keywords: Article, Multidisciplinary, Molecular motor, Stereochemistry, Protein structure, Molecular Motor Proteins, Microtubule, Kinesin, Microsphere, Biology, Motor protein, Biophysics
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