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GPU sample sort

Nikolaj Leischner; Vitaly Osipov; Peter Sanders;
Open Access English
  • Published: 30 Sep 2009
In this paper, we present the design of a sample sort algorithm for manycore GPUs. Despite being one of the most efficient comparison-based sorting algorithms for distributed memory architectures its performance on GPUs was previously unknown. For uniformly distributed keys our sample sort is at least 25% and on average 68% faster than the best comparison-based sorting algorithm, GPU Thrust merge sort, and on average more than 2 times faster than GPU quicksort. Moreover, for 64-bit integer keys it is at least 63% and on average 2 times faster than the highly optimized GPU Thrust radix sort that directly manipulates the binary representation of keys. Our implemen...
ACM Computing Classification System: Data_FILES
free text keywords: Computer Science - Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Science - Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing, Insertion sort, Sorting algorithm, Counting sort, Adaptive sort, Computer science, Parallel computing, Selection sort, Comparison sort, Bucket sort, Quicksort

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