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Change the Humans First: Principles for Improving the Management of Free-Roaming Cats.

Lynette J. McLeod; Donald W. Hine; Aaron B. Driver;
Open Access English
  • Published: 14 Aug 2019 Journal: Animals : an Open Access Journal from MDPI, volume 9, issue 8 (eissn: 2076-2615, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI
Simple Summary For free-roaming cat management to be effective, people—including land managers, conservationists, cat lovers and the general public—need to be sufficiently empowered and motivated to accept and implement management actions. Research in the social and behavioural sciences has shown that engaging everyone and gaining consensus can be incredibly challenging. This paper describes an integrative framework based on the behavioural literature to design better, equitable and ethically acceptable interventions for free-roaming cat management. Abstract In Australia, free-roaming cats can be found in urban and rural areas across the country. They are inhere...
free text keywords: Review, human behaviour change, intervention design, behaviour change wheel, community-based social marketing, Veterinary medicine, SF600-1100, Zoology, QL1-991, Biology, Best practice, Public relations, business.industry, business, Ethical framework, Rural area, Internal medicine, medicine.medical_specialty, medicine, Sociology of scientific knowledge, Human values, Roaming, Behavioural sciences, Endocrinology
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93 references, page 1 of 7
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