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Insecticide resistance mechanisms associated with different environments in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae : a case study in Tanzania

Rodolphe Poupardin; jean-philippe DAVID;
Open Access English
  • Published: 25 Jan 2014 Journal: Malaria Journal, volume 13, issue 1, page 28 (issn: 1475-2875, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Springer Nature
  • Country: Tanzania (United Republic of)
Background\ud Resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides is a growing concern in Africa. Since only a few insecticides are used for public health and limited development of new molecules is expected in the next decade, maintaining the efficacy of control programmes mostly relies on resistance management strategies. Developing such strategies requires a deep understanding of factors influencing resistance together with characterizing the mechanisms involved. Among factors likely to influence insecticide resistance in mosquitoes, agriculture and urbanization have been implicated but rarely studied in detail. The present study aimed at comparing insecticide resistanc...
Medical Subject Headings: parasitic diseases
free text keywords: Vector control, Parasitology, Infectious Diseases, Research, Malaria vector, Mosquitoes, Anopheles, Insecticide resistance, Agriculture, Pollution, Detoxification enzymes, Kdr mutation, Environment, qx_515, qx_600, wa_240
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African Vector Control: New Tools
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 265660
  • Funding stream: FP7 | SP1 | HEALTH
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74 references, page 1 of 5
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