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Absence of influential spreaders in rumor dynamics.

Borge-Holthoefer, Javier; Moreno, Yamir;
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  • Published: 23 Feb 2012
Recent research [1] has suggested that coreness, and not degree, constitutes a better topological descriptor to identifying influential spreaders in complex networks. This hypothesis has been verified in the context of disease spreading. Here, we instead focus on rumor spreading models, which are more suited for social contagion and information propagation. To this end, we perform extensive computer simulations on top of several real-world networks and find opposite results. Namely, we show that the spreading capabilities of the nodes do not depend on their $k$-core index, which instead determines whether or not a given node prevents the diffusion of a rumor to ...
free text keywords: Physics - Physics and Society, Computer Science - Social and Information Networks, Statistics and Probability, Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Rumor, Sociology, Complex network, Theoretical computer science, Emotional contagion, Classical mechanics, Information propagation
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