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Hadron Spectroscopy with CLAS and CLAS12

D.I. Glazier;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2015
  • Country: United Kingdom
The CLAS detector completed a highly successful data-taking lifetime in 2012. The mass range accessible with the CEBAF 6 GeV electron beam and the large solid angle of the detector made it the premier facility for studying baryon resonances. The analysis of a great number of final states with differing polarization states is underway and will lead to a greater understanding of the existing nucleon resonances. In the meantime, preparation for an upgraded detector, CLAS12, is progressing. With commissioning due to start in 2016 with a 11 GeV electron beam CLAS12 will kinematically favour the study of mesons. In particular, it will look to resolve outstanding quest...
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