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Publication . Article . Preprint . 2016 . Embargo end date: 01 Jan 2016

Toward Multilingual Neural Machine Translation with Universal Encoder and Decoder

Ha, Thanh-Le; Niehues, Jan; Waibel, Alexander;
Open Access
Published: 15 Nov 2016
Publisher: arXiv

In this paper, we present our first attempts in building a multilingual Neural Machine Translation framework under a unified approach. We are then able to employ attention-based NMT for many-to-many multilingual translation tasks. Our approach does not require any special treatment on the network architecture and it allows us to learn minimal number of free parameters in a standard way of training. Our approach has shown its effectiveness in an under-resourced translation scenario with considerable improvements up to 2.6 BLEU points. In addition, the approach has achieved interesting and promising results when applied in the translation task that there is no direct parallel corpus between source and target languages.


Computation and Language (cs.CL), FOS: Computer and information sciences, Computer Science - Computation and Language

18 references, page 1 of 2

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