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Genomic metrics of individual autozygosity, applied to a cattle population

Sölkner, Johann; Ferencakovic, Maja; Gredler, Birgit; Curik, Ino;
Closed Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2010
High throughput genotyping technology provides information about a large number of genetic markers roughly evenly spread across the genome. Levels of individual homozygosity and homozygous segments (runs of homozygosity) provide information about levels of inbreeding of animals. We computed several indicators of autozygosity for a population of 1851 Simmental/Fleckvieh bulls genotyped with the Illumina Bovine SNP50 Beadchip and compared them to inbreeding coefficients calculated from pedigrees with a completeness of >6 complete generation equivalents. The genomic metrics of autozygosity, applied to all autosomal loci and pseudo-autosomal loci on the X chromosome...
free text keywords: Genotyping; Runs of homozygosity; Autozygosity; Cattle
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